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You have detected a water leak from the ceiling, and you do not know what to do and what are the right things to do. Start by identifying the cause of the leak, contact your insurance and bring in a professional to assess the condition of the ceiling and for renovations.

Leaking water from a ceiling: what to do?

Leaking water from a ceiling: what to do?

Leaking water from a ceiling: identifying the cause

If you notice a water leak from the ceilingyou must begin by understanding where this leak comes from. In general, there are two solutions: either the problem comes from the neighbor above if you live in an apartment, or it is a problem of pipes. Start by going to your neighbor, explain that you have a water leak, and ask him to inspect the room above your leaking ceiling. See if it can be an overflow of water at home, a washing machine that has leaked, or any other human cause that may require his insurance to take over the repairs. If you do not see a trace of water or moisture in the room above you, it must be a piping problem.

The right actions in case of water leakage from a ceiling

In case of water leakage from the ceiling, you must first identify the source of the leak. If it is a "human cause", and the source of the leak has been found and dried up, you can settle for contact your neighbor's insurance to take care of the repairs. On the other hand, if you do not understand the origin of the leak, you must as soon as possible call a professional. Contact your insurance first to find out if you need to call a professional on their network or if you need to contact the professional of your choice. The latter is going determine the cause of the leak, assess the cost of repairs and tell you what to do.

Ceiling repairs after a water leak

First of all, be aware that under no circumstances should you repaint or cover a ceiling that has been leaked and whose cause has not been identified and repaired. You may experience new leaks that will damage your ceiling again. When a ceiling has been leaked, you must first remove the insulation that will be replaced. It is also important to make sure that the humidity level of the ceiling fell below 10%because it means that it is healthy. Depending on the degree of damage to the ceiling, you will need to consider a simple stroke of paint, the replacement of one or two plasterboards or the total reconstruction of the ceiling. Note that after a water leak from the ceiling, it is advisable to hire a professional for renovationsbecause it will be able to accurately assess the condition of the ceiling, calculate the humidity level and offer you adapted renovation works.