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Called also sub-meter or distribution counter, the division counter comes in addition to the main or collective counter and installs downstream of it. It is generally used to measure the volume of cold water consumed but sometimes also the volume of hot water when the housing does not produce it individually with the help of a water heater. Find out what a divisional water meter is and what are the different types on the market.

What is the use of a division counter?

In addition to the main or collective water meter is sometimes added a division meter. Very easy to install, it is located downstream and can calculate the water consumption of a dwelling in a building or specific to a specific installation in a house. It is very convenient for control activities such as watering the garden for example.
Equipping yourself with a division meter also helps you to become aware of the volume of water that you consume or that consumes an installation and allows you to save water. If you realize that the bathroom is the most water-hungry, then you can change your habits to reduce the amount of your bill. Be aware that following the water law passed in December 2006, the installation of sub-meters is mandatory for buildings whose building permit was issued after November 1, 2007.

The different types of division meter

Even though the division meter has a slightly different function than the main counter, it falls into the water meter category and its operation is the same. There are two types: the turbine meter or the volumetric meter.

The turbine meter, also called the speedometer, calculate the speed of water flow. Whether single jet or multiple jets, it must land horizontally to perform. Category B or C, however, it will lose in precision if you place it in a vertical position.

The volumetric meter allows, as for him, measure the volume of water which goes through the pipes. Class C, its metrological qualities are excellent (measurement accuracy) and can easily detect water leaks. It also has the advantage of being able to rest vertically or horizontally without losing measurement precision.

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