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Appeared in France in the 19th century, the water meter has become an essential element for connecting your installations to the public water supply network. It is subject to strict regulations and its installation requires the intervention of professionals in the sector to be approved. Small explanatory to see a little clearer and facilitate your efforts.

The water meter: its usefulness

The water meter is a measuring device to evaluate the water consumption of your home over a given period. Its operation is simple. The water, passing through the meter sets in motion fins or pistons which engages a gear. This activates an arrow or a gear that turns the counter digits. The meter indicates a water consumption in deciliters but on the invoice, we speak of cubic meters.
Arrived in France in the nineteenth century, the meter has become over the centuries, a fundamental piece in any water connection. Today, for your domestic water system to be recognized and approved, it is mandatory to proceed with the installation of a water meter and whatever the type of your pipes, the meter will be the same.

The water meter: its installation

Even though its installation may seem simple, a water meter must meet certain standards imposed by the water distribution network.
The first thing to do is to contact the agency of the water department to find out what are the formalities to install your meter. Remember to establish your new contract 15 days before entering your home to be sure of having water during your move. Be aware that each meter carries a serial number and is sealed to protect it from fraudulent attempts. Even if the meter is rented to the water department, it is your responsibility to ensure its protection against frost.
To connect your meter to the public network, you will need to call the water dispenser because there are standards and rules to follow. But to connect your meter to your facilities, you can choose the professional that suits you. Feel free to make several quotes to compare prices.

Finally, know that it is possible to make a connection request by going directly through the internet to make your life easier and save you time.

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