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You notice traces of moisture on your facade? The causes are numerous and sometimes subtle. Before you start any treatment, it is better to call a professional who will establish audit and free quotes. If the problem is not structural, here are two simple surface treatments to implement: water-repellent facade and anti-moisture paint. Some generalities...

Water repellent and anti-humidity paint, the difference

The water repellent fights moisture by letting the front of the house breathe, which prevents certain anti-moisture paints. This is the main difference. Otherwise both products can deposit a waterproof protective film that neutralizes moisture.

If, for example your wall of your facade is very porous, opt for water repellent that fills the surface better while allowing air to pass. In both cases, the facade must display only light and scattered damage. Otherwise, among the background treatments, the injection of resin and the electro-magnetic treatment of the basements.

Water repellent or anti-humidity paint, the good reflexes

It exists two kinds of water repellents, those that dilute with the solvent and those that dilute with water. Both require multiple layers and apply to roller and brush. It is necessary that at the end of the operation, your surface is perfectly smooth. Which means that your wall has absorbed water repellant, a guarantee of its effectiveness.

The water-repellent solvent phase dries quickly and you can wait a few days before moving on to the next layer.

As for the water-repellent in the aqueous phase, it requires passing all the layers successively, preferably in dry weather. On the other hand, it is applied on fresh concrete and on joints. It all depends on the time you have, the weather conditions and the nature of the surface to be covered.

Anti-humidity paint has a more fluid texture. It applies as a classical painting and covers the concrete like bricks. Avoid the trap of film-forming paints, which are suitable for interior walls. In general, prefer the anti-moisture paint on the outside, as a preventive measure. Whether you decide for one or the other product, choose quality knowing that it takes about 60 € the 5 liters, for an average quality.

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