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The flashing contributes to the watertightness of the roof and in particular prevents any infiltration of water between the chimney duct and the roof. Very exposed to bad weather, this finishing work may however no longer fulfill its role. An intervention is then essential.

Clean the old flashing before repairing

  • Purge the damaged flashing with the chisel and the mallet.
  • Dust off and fill the gaps between the tiles and the fireplace with paper.

Use a mortar for flashing

  • Spoil a special mortar roof.
  • Moisten the area before spreading the mortar with a trowel under the tiles.

Apply the bevel mortar

  • Lay out the new (45°) wedge-shaped solenoid with a cat-tongue trowel brimming over the tiles.

Smooth the flashing and clean the tiles

  • Remove the excess mortar and carefully smooth the flashing with a damp sponge.
  • Clean the surroundings cleanly.

Video Instruction: Waterproofing Chimneys