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We have an outdoor terrace of 37 m2 which is not waterproof and is located on the cover of a studio! Among the quotes we receive to remedy this drawback two techniques are proposed to us: 1° / sealing elastomer type VOILECRAN 100 with product MEPS 25L4 SPP 2° / sealing plus resin with rapid primary plus canvas RENFOR then ALSAN 500! Which of these two proposals seems the most reliable and the most adapted to our needs?

It is difficult for me to evaluate your exact needs without knowing the nature of your support and without being on site. Both solutions seem serious, the first being more traditional based on bituminous membranes and the second employing more technical products with a liquid sealing system from the company SOPREMA which is certainly one of the most serious companies in the field.

Attention: whatever the solution implemented choose a waterproofing professional up to date with its decennial insurance contract, he alone can perform this delicate operation in the Rules of Art by omitting any essential point for ensure a perfect seal. Contract a damage insurance.

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