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We have a terrace of about 80 m2 with rooms inhabited below. This terrace is cracked and we must do the sealing and tiling or paving on it. We have 2 quotes one with a classic tar sealing + clevis + draining mat + paving and a second with a waterproof resin + tile glued on the resin. The two specialists contradict each other. We would like your opinion to choose the best sustainable and feasible solution given the cost of the work.

It is never easy to give advice on how to waterproof a terrace. If it is a roof terrace without circulation you will find different sealing products, for example at DIP. You can take inspiration from our sheet "SEALING A ROOF TERRACE".

If it is about a terrace on which you circulate, I'm afraid that you do not have to completely redo your tightness as stipulated in the two quotes whose solutions seem serious, the first being more traditional based on bituminous membranes and the second employing more technical products with a liquid sealing system.

Whatever the solution implemented choose a waterproofing professional up to date with its decennial insurance contract, he alone can perform this delicate operation in the Rules of Art. Require a certificate of decennial responsibility of the company, and subscribe the damage-work insurance.

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