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Your terrace begins to show signs of wear, some tiles come off or crack... Indeed, the tiling of a terrace is subjected on the one hand to the rain but also to rising damp. Its tightness is a crucial point to take into account from the construction. It requires a rigorous maintenance and sometimes a total renovation. Some landmarks

Sealing of a terrace tile

Sealing of a terrace tile

Maintenance to ensure watertightness

First, watch for the joints in your tile. Indeed, they tend to dry out and shrink over time. Do not hesitate to repeat them regularly for prevent infiltration to penetrate under the tiles. Another reflex, maintain the whole surface with a waterproofing treatment transparent Rain designed for tiled surfaces. This protective film reinforces the waterproofness while giving a boost to your terrace.

What to do when moisture has gained ground?

If only some tiles begin to peel or lift, the most reasonable is to replace them. Ask a specialist to treat the substrate on which is laid the tiles according to its nature. So that the difference is not seen between the original tiles and the new tiles you can repaint them or play a different tone, to create a contrast.

If your tile, is resolutely too damaged, the ideal is to deposit it and treat the support on which the new coating will be placed with care. Professionals often offer a synthetic frame sealed with a special mortar. This type of technique is called "waterproofing"And is mainly suitable for concrete floors. There are also resins and coatings that are very resistant to pressure and wear.
If the condition of the tiles allows it, that the tiles do not sound hollow and they do not come off spontaneously, it is possible to keep it and superimpose another tiling. A primer and / or a resin layer to ensure sealing are then essential.

To note. To help you take the right resolution, the professionals: tilers, masons, sealers are at your disposal. Because the life of your terrace and your comfort are at stake, do not hesitate to ask them for advice and several quotes.

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