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I plan to install a toilet and connect the evacuation to that of an existing toilet located at the same level and about 3 meters away. What minimum slope should the connection pipe have? For limited use (toilets attached to a room in a second home with two other toilets) the sanatorium type solution would not it be sufficient?

For a direct connection to the big downspout, the necessary slope must be 2 cm / m. In your case, a difference of 6 cm would be sufficient between the two toilets. For your information there is usually 1 cm / m for rainwater, 1.5 cm / m for "gray" water (washbasin, bath, shower) and 2 cm / m for "black" water (WC). With a Sanibroyeur the question no longer arises since the device incorporates a lifting device that allows it to be installed below the level of connection to the big downcomer. So this is a good solution for you, especially if the use you are going to make of this toilet is not be intensive. Choose a quiet model because the basic models are quite noisy, which can be annoying especially near a room.

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