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The dining room is a central room where the family spends a lot of time. This place should be arranged to combine practicality, comfort and aesthetics. Here are some ideas for how to properly decorate a dining room and make it a nice place...

How to arrange a dining room

How to arrange a dining room

The table, in the heart of the dining room

The most important element in a dining room is undoubtedly Table. Here, we must combine business with pleasure, taking into account the needs of the family. The table must be able to accommodate all meals but also the various activities of the household. Depending on the needs and the number of people living under the same roof, the table can be fixed or extensible, rectangular, oval or round with more or less large dimensions. There are also special models such as nesting tables, half-moon tables or bar counters that can be transformed into a small dining table.

Beyond the practical side, the table is also an element of decoration. His style can be classic, rustic or very contemporary. The design must be in harmony with the rest of the room. Note that this furniture can be embellished with practical accessories such as the turntable, a vase, placemats, a cutlery drawer...
Attention, the table must not become a space "catch-all" to maintain the aesthetic side of the room.

Regarding the location, the dining table is ideally placed in the center of the room, under a chandelier, a suspension or with indirect light lamps. In some ultra contemporary interiors, it will be necessary to avoid the total look and not hesitate to bet on original associations: retro chairs marry perfectly with a modern table for example.

How to think the living space?

Whatever the distance between the dining room and the kitchen, it is necessary to anticipate the comings and goings and to provide enough space for the use of the premises remains comfortable. Also consider the space to install the chairs.

If the kitchen opens directly to the dining room, then it is important to distinguish the dining area. For this, we can delimit the colors of the walls (marry soft tones and warm hues), install a glass partition shop style, a bar or a storage cabinet.

Since this is a friendly place, do not hesitate to dispose of decorative objects but being careful not to not overload and clutter the space. Finally, we must not neglect the light, the ideal would be to opt for a lighting with a dimmer to modulate the brightness depending on activities.

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