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Arranging your living room is not random. Indeed, to feel good, the furniture layout (sofa, table, buffet...) must be harmonious and optimized. The living room must be functional, airy, pleasant to look at and aesthetic. In short, we must feel good to make the most of this space of relaxation.

How to arrange a salon?

How to arrange a salon?

How to arrange my living room furniture?

In general, it is necessary to place the couch first. This is the essential furniture of the show, cozy space par excellence. In most cases, it will be leaning against a wall to save space. However, in the case of a large room, sofa and armchairs may also be in the middle of the living room.

Once the sofa is in place, list the other furniture that will be added to your living room.
The coffee table will, in all consistency, in front of the sofa. Sofas can be placed on each side of the sofa, or even facing the latter according to the configuration of the room. A buffet or other storage unit will naturally find its place in the living room. Library design, green plants, colorful shelves will nicely dress your wall.

The TV stand, meanwhile, will be placed facing the sofa, most often against the opposite wall. For more discretion, television can disappear behind a door. If you run out of space, the T.V. can be wall mounted, hung on a sliding or swivel shelf to suit your needs.

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Lighting of the living room: a point not to neglect

This living room, core of family life, will also benefit from a suitable lighting. In addition to the ceiling lamp, present in the majority of cases, it is advisable to add several points of light to bring a friendly touch to the living room. An adjustable floor lamp, located near the sofa, promotes activities such as reading by providing a suitable brightness. A small lamp placed on a piece of furniture brings a cozy and warm atmosphere for moments of relaxation and rest.

How to optimize the space to enlarge the living room?

The arrangement of the furniture will depend, of course, on the structure of the room, and especially its size. It does not fit the same way a large room and a small space.

  • In a small living room

It is recommended to limit the number of pieces of furniture: prefer low and rather narrow furniture. Preferably place the buffet facing a window so that it does not block the passage of light. Light furniture also enhances the grandeur effect. Little trick finally: have one or more mirrors on the walls of your living room which sublimates and optimizes the space.

  • In a larger living room

The possibilities are more varied. Tall furniture and corner sofa are welcome. It can also be placed in the center of the room, thus serving as a separation between two separate spaces. The living room can, in this way, serve both room to live for moments of conviviality with family or friends and at the same time a world of calm and rest.

In any case, a layout in length gives an impression of depth and therefore of space.

A living room must be above all a place where you feel good. This is indeed the room where you will spend a lot of time. To properly design a living room, take into account the space, the number of people who will live there, your taste in deco and especially your desires. To complete your project and furniture purchases with confidence, check with leading interior design professionals.

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