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Whether hot water or electric, the heated walls are perfectly suited to light renovation because they do not involve heavy work like the heated floor. A good solution to improve the thermal comfort of the house.

Choose a heating wall to insulate your home

  • For best efficiency, it is best to install the system on a heavy interior wall (load carrier or thick wall) rather than on a front wall.
  • In terms of thermal comfort, it is more efficient than the floor heating because the surface vis-à-vis with the body is more important. Radiation is therefore more profitable.
  • More than 60% of the heat is transmitted by radiation and the surface temperature can reach 35° C: it is more powerful than a heated floor.
  • It is necessary to count 20m ² of heating wall for a room of 40m ².
  • Only one drawback: it is not possible to install a piece of furniture high in front of this wall without considerably limiting its effectiveness.

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