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Your opinion on an insulation, under the roof of an old house in two layers TMS MF / MF SI insulation panels in polyurethane foam in two crossed layers thicknesses 56 + thicknesses 80 under ACERMI N° 03/006/095 is: R = 2.6 + 3.70 = 6.3 On the stone walls of the insulated inner insulation in SIS REVE 80 + 10de EFISOL in R = 3.74 It is an arrangement of attic of an old house in rooms and bathroom. I wish to have advice, maybe on another insulation more suitable for stone walls?

The question does not specify the region, altitude, orientation of the house, etc... It is difficult to decide on the expected thickness. The only possible answer concerns the selected insulation. Polyurethane foam is the most insulating material of given thickness. The SISREVE process is perfectly adapted to the intended use, with again the choice of a very efficient insulation. Be careful, however, to treat the sealing between the plates! Polyurethane foam is very rigid, and renovation work often requires adjustments. Possible leaks between the plates can be filled with polyurethane foam bomb.

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