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What do you think of the site, which allows to realize free and quickly an estimate online for all types of works, and to be contacted by companies of the building if one wishes it? Is this site serious and especially the craftsmen with whom it puts you in relation are they serious professionals?

You will understand that it is difficult for me to judge the quality of a site "colleague". All I can tell you is that at we did not want to put links online with the many sites of quotes that contacted us. We tested several and none gave us satisfaction. These brokerage sites simply relay requests to a maximum of listed companies, indiscriminately, with the sole prospect of getting a percentage of the work done. they offer no guarantee of serious business. This is why we have opted for a partnership with one of our colleagues (SUCCESS HABITAT) which gives you, through our site and a magazine, addresses of companies or craftsmen (regularly registered), exposing their skills and accepting to submit to the possible rating of their customers. We do not "touch" anything on the work done, their registration in the section REQUEST A QUOTE being the subject of their part, only a subscription to us. You have complete freedom to contact them and select them according to the information they provide on the site.

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