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A move is always accompanied by a lot of paperwork. A question of installation systematically: who to warn when making a change of address? What are the holdups? Some steps are to be taken several weeks before your move, others can be done a few days upstream. The last formalities are done more serenely after your installation.

What administrative steps to take when a change of address?

What administrative steps to take when a change of address?

The administrative procedures to be carried out three months before your move

If you are a renter, you must inform your landlord of your departure: three months in advance for unfurnished housing and a month for furnished accommodation. The date of your departure will have to be fixed to realize an inventory of fixtures.

If you are an employee, inquire with your company to possibly benefit from a leave for moving. If you are a public official, you can ask to have a special absence authorization.

If you have children who will not be able to stay in the same school, ask change establishment.

People and organizations to notify two weeks before your change of address

You must make contact the organizations in charge of your home insurance and your car insurance, in order to modify your contracts. Notify your bank to transfer your accounts to a local agency.

Cancel your subscriptions TV, telephone and internet on the date of your move or transfer them to your new home.

Do not forget to inform of your change of address services concerned with water, gas and electricity.

Contact the Post Office to set up a mail forwarding to your new home. The reshipping can last from a month to a year. If you have subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, do not forget to inform them of your change of address.

Turn to social organizations such as the family allowance fund (CAF) or the agricultural social mutuality (MSA), the primary health insurance fund (CPAM), the pension fund, your complementary health or mutual, as well as Employment center.

It's important to notify your new tax address by contacting the public finance center attached to your old home.

If you have an animal registered in the national identification file of carnivores domestic, also think to indicate your change of address.

Post-relocation administrative steps

You have one month to declare to the prefecture your new address which will be notified on your gray card.

In the weeks following the departure of your previous accommodation, remember that your previous owner has two months to return your deposit. If he exceeds this deadline, he will owe you late interest.

If you face financial difficulties, you have two months to turn to the solidarity fund for housing (FSL). This one can grant you aids. The FSL is for people with difficulties to pay rent, gas, electricity...

The Caf can pay you a moving allowance. It must be requested within six months of your change of address. Paid under conditions, it is intended for large families to move after the arrival of a new child.

Do not forget to contact the Town Hall to register on the electoral lists.

You can choose to change your doctor to another, located near your new home. Simply complete a referral form at your first visit. You do not need to tell your previous doctor.

To know in case of change of address

If you move, the change of address on your national identity card, passport or driver's license is optional.

If you count park in front of your new residence With one or more vehicles to move your furniture, do not forget to notify the town hall of your new municipality at least ten days in advance to receive a parking permit.

Change of address therefore requires some anticipation and organization. To achieve these many steps more quickly, many of them can be done online. The site // allows you to declare your new address to many organizations simultaneously.

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