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I intend to install a mechanical ventilation by insufflation (brand PULSIVE VENTIL Unelvent) in a single storey house of 120 m2. I specify that I warm myself with an insert. Compared to a VMC, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Is it better than a VMC? Does it consume a lot of electricity, since there is a resistance of 500 W? And for the electrical installation, I think to put a breaker of 10 A on a single line. Is it too much or should I put less, 6 A for example?

"Mechanical ventilation by insufflation" or VMI, generates a overpressure creating a flow of air that diffuses into the house. It is preferred to VMC in an old house where it is difficult to pass the necessary sheaths to a VMC. If a VMC can interfere with the operation of an insert (if it does not have an internal air intake) a VMI, on the contrary, will activate the draw.
The consumption of a VMI depends on the size of the house, the climate, and of course the preheating temperature of the air chosen. The consumption of ventilation is low. For power supply, a circuit of 1.5 mm conductors2 protected by a 10 A circuit breaker may suffice. Do not forget the ground connection! The filters should be changed fairly regularly.

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