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I live a 3 rooms of 75m ² rather high ceiling and located under attics of 37m ². Heating is provided by convectors "toaster" that I would like to replace. What could you advise me on the basis of good value for money?

If what you are looking for is a good compromise between a good performance and a low investment, the most interesting would be a convector of last generation with electronic regulation or a centralized order.
If you are looking for real heating comfort, the radiant panel is a good solution that avoids hot air turbulence, dust suspension and reduces the "brutal" diffusion of heat. It must be kept in mind, however, that, working by radiation, any obstacle would hinder its effectiveness.
Finally, if one considers the mode of restitution and diffusion of the heat, a radiator with body of heat or liquid coolant is an ideal solution because it combines convection and radiation, restoring more slowly the heat. In addition, its action is prolonged somewhat once extinguished. However, keep in mind when making your choice that 1W consumed remains a 1W returned, regardless of the type of heating. There is therefore no electric heating more economical than another. The difference lies in the modes of restitution of heat.

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