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The demolition of a building is complex and requires the use of a specialized company. To properly prepare your project and define a budget, it is better to know upstream demolition rates of a building.

What demolition rates for a building?

What demolition rates for a building?

Prices charged for the demolition of a building

The prices charged for the demolition of a building vary not only from one company to another, but also according to a certain number of criteria. Thus, the rates applied for the demolition of a building differ according to the following characteristics:

  • the number of cubic meters to be demolished;
  • the possible presence of materials that may contain asbestos, to be removed and collected (see List C for more information);
  • easy access to the land where the building is to be demolished;
  • the amount of rubble and other waste to be evacuated;
  • the machinery necessary for the demolition of the building.

Most of the time and except in exceptional cases, the demolition rates of a building oscillate between 20,000 and 40,000 euros. Note that the asbestos removal or removal of a building, which must take place prior to its demolition, contributes significantly to increase the total budget of the work.

To hope for the best price for the demolition of a building, it is recommended to have a maximum of quotes, in order to be able to compare and possibly negotiate rates with the construction companies.

Methods and machinery used to demolish a building

The demolition of a building may require the use of manual methods or mechanical methods.
On the one hand, there are two manual methods of demolishing a building, namely:

  • the derasement, which consists of demolishing from top to bottom;
  • the sapement, which aims to demolish the building from the bottom up.

On the other hand, the demolition of a building can be done by means of mechanical methods, such as:

  • the bulldozer;
  • the demolition excavator;
  • the demolition clamp;
  • the cutting;
  • the use of explosives;
  • the technique of expansion.

It is up to the works company to determine the working method that should be put in place, as well as the construction machinery to be used, in order to proceed with the demolition of a building.

Duration of demolition work on a building

The duration of demolition work on a building is difficult to define, as it will depend on several factors, such as the size of the structure, the possible presence of asbestos-containing material, which must be removed before the opening of the building. construction site, or the demolition method used by the company in charge of the works.

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