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In this article, discover the little tools to have at home. - goir

For handymen and handymen in grass as well as those who master the subject, some small tools are to have absolutely. This is for example the case of screwdrivers. Others are added to these classics such as tracing tools, fastening tools or finishing tools. We tell you more about this and what Outiz proposes.

Small tools and great classics

Timeless, indispensable, irreplaceable... Some small tools are undoubtedly part of the category of classics. This is for example the case of screwdrivers, keys, hoes, secateurs, claws and transplants (for the garden), cutting pliers (front, side...) or hammers for small jobs. Likewise, mini saws (with wood, metal...), pliers, cutters, staplers, pickup tools, universal axes and multi-purpose scissors are some of the small tools to have at hand that whether to tinker or to garden.

Tracing and measuring tools

In the radius of tools made to draw and measure, we find different elements. There are thus the ribbon meters, the fine point markers, the spirit levels or the tracer cords. Brackets, corner meters, rapporteurs, scribes and bricklayer / carpenter's pencils are also some of the handy tools. So, whether you need to put shelves, frames or other, you will appreciate these various accessories that will facilitate your work.

Fixing tools

When we tinker, we often have to fix elements together or on supports (walls...) whether with nails, screws or glue. It is therefore necessary to have the appropriate tools in order not to make mistakes (badly depressed nail, for example). We have already mentioned hammers for small jobs, useful for driving small nails in particular. But that's not all! Outiz offers other small essential tools such as cartridge guns, staplers or glue guns. Similarly, rivet pliers and dowel tools can be very useful.

Cutting tools

At the cutting tools radius, in hand toolsElectric wire cutters, plastic pipe cutters, mini copper pipe cutters, pipe cutters, various types of saws, cutters and bolt cutters and pincers are all found. Not to mention, obviously, the cutting pliers and other cutters mentioned previously in the category of classics. With all these elements in your toolbox, you'll always be ready to cut tubes like cables and more.

Finishing tools

As for finishing tools, Outiz offers you a wide choice. Find, for example, wood scissors (there are different types), sanding wedges, various kinds of files, planes, flat rasps, sculptor's scissors, concrete scissors, sharpening stones but also abrasive sponges. Strawberries for freehand work and sharpeners are also available.

Whatever the work you want to do, from small repairs to larger jobs, you'll definitely need small tools to measure, draw, fix, and tweak. Similarly, whatever your level of DIY, you must have various tools that are essential. All you need is available on the Outiz website. Do not hesitate to inquire and order!

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