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In an apartment of a HLM of 2008, air passes in the catches and, during heavy rains, water flows from the trunk of the shutters and under the window, at the join between wall and floor. In addition, the housing is a real "heat colander". How to force the lessor to deal with problems?

A landlord, and especially a social lessor (HLM), has the obligation to provide a tenant with decent housing.
According to article 6 of the law of 6 July 1989, housing is considered decent and does not give rise to obvious risks that may affect physical safety or health and has elements that make it compatible with the use of housing ". The decree of 30 January 2002 made it even clearer in terms of insulation, sealing and heating.
Start by sending a RAR letter the landlord to ask him to proceed with the necessary work. In case of non-response, it is necessary to enter the departmental conciliation commission (see in prefecture). As a last resort, it is possible to seize the district court (No need to be represented by a lawyer) He may order the landlord to proceed with the necessary work and even to reduce the rent until they are completed.
Warning: do not suspend payment of your rentyou would put yourself at fault.

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