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What recourse in warranty period of perfect completion?

I received my house that I had built almost a year ago and I arrive at the end of the guarantee of good operation. I find several problems, some will be solved but I remain perplexed on the method they want to use: eg: I have a window elbow that has been split in two from the beginning and they tell me, that with a resin they will be able to repair it. Is it true? Will it hold with time? What do you think? I have a retaining wall, with a scraped plaster that has no covers while a wall on the other side of my house is provided. Is it necessary or not to keep the plaster? (water infiltration...). Then I have a staircase in betos which is tiled and there are 4 to 5 tiles that sound hollow. The builder told me that it was nothing and that it would be difficult for me to prove that they were wrong paste... well they tried to fall asleep on this topic. What to think? (What annoys them is that they have more tiles of the same production so the tiles will not have the same hue and they will have, I think, to repair all the stairs to see all the house ?!) I'd like to have your opinion. Then I have a Hybrid boiler in my cellar that has never worked properly since receiving my house. May I ask that the warranty starts from the moment it works properly? In addition, the air intake and exhaust tube and its gases, which is via a duct up to the roof, has all its necklaces apparent broken but others not apparent behind a placo partition already painted on the floor, can not be controlled without breaking it. What should I ask him for this part to be controlled too? In addition, they placed the boiler thermostat (which also serves to control the boiler) against an outside wall just next to the entrance door. Of course, this winter I had a gap of 4 to 6 degrees between him that he announce me and the real. They explained to me that insulating with a plastic film it will stop phenomenon... what do you think? (I would have liked them to move it, but since it is wired, it is annoying, so the case is running the boiler so it can not be replaced by a non wired "Talia Green Hybrid Chaffoteau.) For some of its problems they will make me a financial proposal but I do not know the amount yet.I feel that I will be rolled if I do not have the opinion of an independent and neutral hope as you can be. 'an answer, I cordially greet you PS: I could not put several pictures to illustrate each problem...

If you do not have issued from reserve when receiving, there is still time to do, as quickly as possible, by LR / AR. The description of your problems clearly suggests that the builder tries to do as little as possible, for workmanship which appear relatively important. Most of the solutions he offers are just "do-it-yourself", he tries to save time. At this point, you must urgently send a formal notice by registered mail. Without a positive reaction from him, which is likely, you will then have to appeal to the court of first instance or instance, if the amount of the repairs exceeds 7,600 euros. The judge may then order the builder to pay the price of the work and repairs, which you will have done by another company, but also to pay him late payment fees.

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