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I come to submit a question about the installations of LA SAUR I bought a building with already present 8 water meters installed by their services in a pit of 2mx2 about 80 cm deep, but without cover. The former owner told me that it was the responsibility of LA SAUR to "cover" this pit, meanwhile he had installed a wooden cover; By informing me about the services concerned, it is the "big dumb", they are unable to tell me if they are in the obligation to cover in a regulatory way this pit, very dangerous for my tenants. What is your opinion, thank you in advance

To know if the cover of a pit is due by the supplier of water, it is necessary to begin by reading in detail the terms of the contract. If nothing is mentioned about this, it is likely that this state of affairs is prior to the contract of the Saur, it seems then difficult to get graciously from him the establishment of a cover for this pit. In fact, the installation of some prefabricated concrete elements, removable and able to withstand the loads provided in this area, must not generate very significant costs.

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