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A person who has done work at home, to remove vinyl tile containing asbestos. Under these slabs there was black glue to asbestos. He posed over the tiles in the living room, and in the bedroom he placed above the black glue directly from the floating floor. Is it dangerous? Is there a risk of magnet contamination due to this glue?

Regulations, glues containing asbestos must be removed following a very strict and very deposit and of recycling. For all these reasons, companies that apply floor coverings in the presence of such adhesives generally leave them in place and lay over them again. It should be noted that these glues contain only 1 to 10% asbestos. This can only be a health risk if you sand, scrape or drill the material in the open air. Once covered, these glue residues no longer constitute a significant risk. However, it is important to keep a record of the presence of asbestos under the cladding for subsequent renovation work.

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