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I want to install a wall-mounted clothes rack above my bathtub, this one is between two tiled walls and I would like to know if the drilling of the tile for the fixings is a good thing, knowing that the water can stream on the fixings made of metal. Thank you.

In general, it is necessary to avoid, as far as one can, to pierce wall faience. Any drilling represents a potential weak point, a source of parasitic water entry. Then, if the wall-mounted clotheshorse is to be disassembled one day, the location of the hole remains particularly visible and a filling of the hole with silicone is necessary.
An elegant and less risky solution for earthenware, is to pierce at the joints, ensuring the maintenance of the seal by the application of a flexible seal at the piercing. If the drying rack must be removed, it will be enough to take the joint area pierced with joint mortar, an important asset in terms of appearance, and more in rental housing.

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