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I have to replace my boiler which has given up. I made several quotes, but I am offered different solutions and I do not know what to choose.
1 st proposal, a fresquet condensation condensate hydroconfort visio 20 kw with integrated balloon of 80 l, eco radio system visio + 1 special cladding condensation height 8 meters + various parts + installation at 5500 €
2nd proposal Saunier Duval thema C AS25E low temperature heating only connected to the current storage tank + two sanitary and heating expansion tanks + various parts + installation at 2125 €
3rd proposal ELM Leblanc type Egalis NGLB 28-4H balloon + lifting pump + various parts + installation at 3481.78 €
The old house has two floors about 8 m high + the cellar where the boiler is located and a balloon bi energy gas or electric about 4 years, and the 13 radiators are cast iron. Thank you for enlightening me in my choice

Knowing that your radiators are made of cast iron, the return water in the circuit may be too hot for a condensing boiler to be really efficient because this type of boiler works optimally only with a return water making maximum 46° C. If it exceeds 40°, have your radiators replaced if you wish to opt for a condensing boiler, or opt for a conventional boiler with a balloon for independent sanitary water. So in case of failure you will not run out of hot water and will not have to turn your boiler in summer.

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