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The primary function of a screen is to protect one's privacy from neighbors and passers-by in the street. But it also makes it possible to decorate a balcony which would not be to your taste.

What screen for the balcony?

What screen for the balcony?

A canvas or fabric screen

The canvas screen is a lightweight solution, ideal for balconies that have to stay light. The material is easy to maintain and is available in different colors and patterns. The canvas is fixed on the bars or smooth balcony. The price will depend on the length of the canvas and its quality.

It can also be in retractable form: the canvas can be pulled and hung on a pole and then retracted. This may be suitable for occasional needs of privacy.

The screen can also be a Japanese sign: A thin rod is fixed at the top of the railing to suspend the fabric. This gives a Zen atmosphere to your balcony.

A wooden screen

The wooden screen is very decorative. It can be sold in the form of bamboo cane or reed or roll of slats that are cheap tricks or in the form of balcony special wood panels, or braided rods. These solutions are more expensive but also more aesthetic and better quality. The wood gives warmth to your balcony.

However, be aware that the cannisse can blacken or gray out over time. But its low price allows its regular replacement.

The wooden screen can also take the form of a trellis on which to climb a plant to green the balcony. It can also be found as an extension of a flower box. The wood can, of course, sell colorful, paint or leave as is.

A plastic breaker

All fantasies are allowed with plastic. In the first prices and certainly the least resistant and the most messy, there are plastic blades sold in rolls.

For more aesthetics, we can opt for screens plastic plastic appearance, any color. Today, manufacturers rely on the decorative quality of products. The advantage of imitation wood is its ease of maintenance, only a little soapy water is enough. The cost of this installation is in a wide range, it will depend on the quality and the surface to be covered.

If you want to green your balcony but you do not have a green thumb, there are rolls of artificial plants on the market.

All you have to do is give free rein to your imagination.

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