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Can PVC boards be placed on a wall where there are moisture and mold problems? Can mushrooms give off a bad smell, even if the room is aired every day?

In general, hiding the moisture with a coating, whether paneling or otherwise, does not solve anything. On the contrary, it may aggravate the problem by preventing moisture from escaping.
It is first necessary to diagnose the cause (s) of the molds: new windows that are too watertight, which slow down the air exchange and cause condensation, uninsulated or insufficiently insulated walls, capillary rises from the ground, facades / walls letting 'water. It is possible that a combination of these different factors may be causing the inconvenience.
The condensation on the wall seems to be, a priori, the main problem. It is therefore necessary to improve the permanent ventilation of the room and the insulation of the wall concerned, starting with a layer of Depron that will neutralize the cold wall effect.

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