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The big trend is to open kitchens on the living room to create a sensation of space but also of conviviality when preparing dinner. But this lack of separation can be a problem to choose the decor and colors. DuitDesign gives you some tips to choose the colors of your open kitchen.

What colors for an open kitchen?

What colors for an open kitchen?

Open kitchen: a tone-on-tone decor or contrast?

When the kitchen is open to the living room, two options are available to you depending on the effect you are looking for. You can choose identical colors to those of your stay to create a harmonious atmosphere and ensure that the kitchen is based in the decor. You can also choose the contrast map by opting for different colors so as to delimit the living spaces. If you choose this second option, however, you must choose your colors to avoid tastings.

To each environment its color

Depending on the furniture in your kitchen and the style you want to give it, it is important to choose the colors.

For a contemporary kitchen:

Natural colors are very trendy in the kitchen. Opt for a light gray, a pearl white or a beige. If you want to create a soft and harmonious atmosphere, extend the colors into the living room. On the other hand, if you prefer to mark a separation, choose a more sustained tone for the kitchen for example or a different color such as the mole, or the plum. Avoid, however, the hues too flashy.

For a design kitchen:

Choose black, white or all shades of gray because they marry perfectly with stainless steel and they also have the advantage of marrying with any style of stay.

For an industrial style kitchen:

The industrial-style wood-metal-leather-concrete mix allows all audacity in terms of color! Dare the effect "false bricks", mineral colors, slate or even the red fire.

For a colorful cuisine:

If you like flashy colors for the kitchen, make sure your stay is in discreet tones. Choose a dominant color for your kitchen and one (or two maximum) complementary color. Red, yellow or orange are very trendy colors but be careful when mixing with other colors. If you have a strong color in your stay, try to take it back to your kitchen for more harmony.

Good to know: to mix the colors between them, it is important to respect certain proportions: 85% dominant color, 10% of the second and 5% of the third.

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