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Not always easy to choose the color for your kitchen. Between the walls, the furniture, the worktop, the floor and the credence, it is important to choose harmonious colors that blend well with each other and meet your decorative desires.

A red and white kitchen, modern and trendy

A red and white kitchen, modern and trendy

In the world of kitchens, there are also modes for colors and materials. Each color has its own connotation and its own winning combination:

  • The white kitchen is timeless. It is synonymous with cleanliness, hygiene but also refinement. Available in lacquered version, it is ultra-modern. She marries all colors obviously and accompanies very well the stainless steel.
  • The red kitchen brings a touch of cheerfulness and is very trendy also in lacquered version. Prefer it over furniture rather than walls. Red goes very well with green but also with black or white.
  • The blue kitchen is synonymous with softness, calm and brings a small side "seaside". Blue makes the room bigger. It goes very well with yellow.
  • The green kitchen reminds nature and is very appreciated for its freshness. Choose a green ultra-pep's for a note of dynamism. Depending on the color chosen, the green goes very well with red or pink.
  • The yellow kitchen is very trendy and brings a touch of modernity. If you marry him with black, he will be even more contemporary.
  • The gray kitchen wins all votes. It is synonymous with refinement, elegance and modernity. The gray also has the advantage of being able to marry with all the colors.

The rules to follow

Even if we say that tastes and colors, we must not discuss, it is still important to respect certain basic rules to avoid tastings.
Know, first of all, that it is recommended to use two colors for your kitchen even three if the marriage is coherent. For supermarkets, choose light tones and the dark tones will be used for medium surfaces.

Also take into consideration the orientation of your kitchen to choose the ideal color. If it is oriented to the east, prefer soft and light colors to soften the space. For a west orientation, a dark paint will be more suitable. To the north, warm tones will be favored and to the south, shades of green or gray. If you choose to paint your kitchen furniture in different colors, then opt for a neutral floor and a white ceiling.

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