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The painting on the walls of an old apartment in Paris contains lead. How to repaint these walls, and especially it is necessary to scratch this lead?

Almost all the old houses and apartments, especially in the common parts of Paris, contain lead paints, unless at one time there was a total stripping of all the painted parts, which is very rare.
The diagnosis "lead" aims to inform the new inhabitants of a dwelling of the presence of lead and the risks involved, without entailing a work obligation.
The stripping of old lead paints is the most radical solution, but it is not necessary if we repaint the wall, if we cover it with a varnish or a resin or if we double it (plasterboard, paneling, etc.).
The risk of lead (lead poisoning) is at the level of ingestionthere is therefore no risk in keeping paints with which there will be no more contact possible, except in case of drilling or subsequent work.

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