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As part of my project of total renovation + extension of a house, it will be perfectly isolated (ITE, insulation of attics lost, joineries double glazing). We are a family of 4 with baths etc... For heating and the ECS I thought of a condensing boiler (new radiators) with a mixed DHW (De Dietrich, Thermor) connected to the boiler and can switch to electrical in the summer so as to separate the heating from the hot water (boiler failure or extinction of the summer). - what do you think of this solution? - do you have an opinion and / or feedback on the hybrid gas condensing / PAC boilers, it looks attractive but few manufacturers have put themselves and for the moment the so-called high-end manufacturers (Frisquet, Viesmann) do not not produce.

The principle of separating the production of heating and domestic hot water makes it possible not to depend on a boiler and its possible operational hazards. Then, several solutions are possible, and the one you imagine is logical. Hybrid boilers have the advantage of bringing together in a single device a boiler and a small heat pump, with the key to high performance. The boiler function comes in relay from the PAC as the outdoor temperature drops below the optimal performance level of the heat pump. It remains that the additional cost to purchase is still important, for reliability may be lower than that of a simpler boiler (there is little perspective on the reliability of these devices).

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