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What do you think of the TRISOSUPER 12 insulation? To insulate a roof, by putting it under the tiles?

This thin reflective product is not considered an insulator by the CSTB, the only official body in France with the authority to accredit insulation products.

This type of product has been considered as an "insulation supplement" since always in the United States or Canada. It must be implemented by a specialist who will adhere to very precise installation recommendations avoiding in particular the risk of condensation. A manufacturer such as KDB has developed the concept of global insulation including: - a reflective film permeable to water vapor acting as under-roofing screen (and avoiding the phenomenon of condensation); - A layer of fibrous insulation (glass wool type or other) in the desired thickness depending on the desired R, ensuring the desired thermal insulation; - A thin reflective product on the attic side or piece sealing the envelope.

The reflective nature of the under-roof screen contributes to summer comfort by repelling solar radiation. The reflective side of the thin product placed inside contributes to the winter comfort by sending the radiation from the heaters back into the attic or attic.

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