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Flooring can dramatically change the mood of a home. Also, it is important to choose materials adapted to the function of each piece. Here are some tips to choose your flooring.

Choose the coating according to the function of the room

All soils do not have the same resistance and do not talk in the same way. For example, bathrooms must be equipped with water-resistant floors that are easy to maintain. Tiling is probably the most interesting solution for water features. If the tiles were considered for a long time to be too "cold", the new tendencies today propose tilings with warmer colors as for example imitations wood or slate.

For bedrooms, we can focus on hot materials such as solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, laminate flooring (much more economical) or linoleum.

For living rooms, the choice is according to the desires. It can be either economic or aesthetic. The solid wood flooring will give a warm atmosphere but will have a certain cost and the maintenance will have to be regular. Laminate, cement tile or PVC floor can also be suitable for living rooms, depending on the budget of each. Note that some coatings are more sensitive to solvents, find out about the maintenance of your soil before making a final choice.

Which floor coverings to choose according to your parts?: coverings

Use the flooring to enlarge the room or enhance the space

It is quite possible to use the flooring to give the illusion of a larger room. For example, a narrow and luminous room can be enhanced by a diagonal floor. Choose light colors for dark rooms, tiling and other shiny floors are perfect for reflecting light. In large rooms, it is quite possible to use large slabs or long blades to give dynamism to the room and give the illusion of a larger space. If the room is very bright, you can choose a dark floor or a dark cement coating for example.

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