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Currently we have tiling 30/30 and the floor is not right (it's like waves) we want to put on the ground PVC, what do you advise?

The first question to ask yourself is to know why the soil is not flat. It is possible that this phenomenon is very old, and that the soil is now stabilized. It is also possible that the phenomenon is more recent, and that ground movements are increasing.
In either case, you can cover the tiles with a PVC coatingbut that will not solve the problem of substance. In addition, if the tiles 30 x 30 are misaligned, these defects will lead to premature wear of PVC to the right of these areas of defects.
For a sustainable solution, and if the soil is stabilized, the ideal would be remove the tiles, from make a smoothing in order to find a flat support, to then lay a new tile or other coating. If the phenomenon is stabilized, you could also make a dry screed, throw a panel and put on the flooring of your choice.

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