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An insurance refuses to cover me for the damage of the property for a renovation (windows and door). I am told to get closer to the insurance company of the installer. What must we do?

Windows falling within the scope of the ten-year guaranteethey are, legally, in the field of home-work insurance. Nevertheless, it is rare to take out a damage-work guarantee for a joinery replacement operation.
In any case, the doors and windows are guaranteed ten years by the builder, subject to a pose in the rules of the art.
If you entrust the work to a known "window operator", you can still play the decennial, without risk of disappearing the company. In all cases, it must be ensured that the company installing the windows is professionally insured and that it is up to date with its contributions (it must provide its insurance certificate).
If it is imperative to benefit from a damage insurance works for the replacement of the windows, which is a right, it is necessary to approach the Central Office of Insurance Pricingin Paris, who can automatically commit an insurer (which can not be that of the company).

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