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I wish to build that you advise me as heating. Does a floor heating distribute heat well? Are PACs quite effective?

The question does not specify the region, the altitude, the living space... It is therefore difficult to make a precise answer!
A new house requires few energy needs since it is necessarily well insulated, in accordance with the RT 2012. An underfloor heating powered by a PAC air / water can be efficiace and profitable, especially in regions with mild winters. The CAP, despite increasingly high yields, are, for me, to be discouraged in harsh climate, mountain for example, the yield decreasing sharply when the outside temperatures become negative. Too much stress on the CAP causes breakdowns and accelerated aging of the equipment.
In sectors connected to natural gas, the "gas-fired boiler" solution can also be very economical in overall cost (consumption and maintenance).
The sustainability of a PAC is probably lower than that of a good quality gas boiler.

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