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Filtrante or aspirante, the hood of kitchen is essential to chase greasy vapors and cooking odors. How far from the cooking plate to install? General and special cases...

How high for a kitchen hood?

How high for a kitchen hood?

What you need to know about kitchen hoods

A extractor hood or evacuation expels odors and vapors to the outside through a conduit. Greases are retained by braided metal filters. She has a great suction power.

The filter hood or recycling, does not reject air outside, but uses filters for grease and activated carbon for odors. It is a closed circuit that rejects the filtered fumes in the room. The new thermal regulation (RT 2012) is more favorable to this device because it is more ecological and a source of savings because without air exchange.

Whatever their mode of operation, to determine the correct height of fixation there are two big type of hoods. The hoods caps or classic are 20 cm thick and are simply placed above the hob. As to reclining hoods made of stainless steel or glass, they have a slender shape which minimizes the space above the cooking station. They are also attached to the wall, but different heights.

To know. The retractable hoods that fit in a high cabinet, above the hob, are fixed at a predefined height, which you do not need to worry about.

The heights of the kitchen hood on a case by case basis

The distance is calculated from the cooking table, that the hood to be effective, must cover completely, even a little more. This height differs according to the cooking method: the electricity which includes the glass-ceramic and the induction or the gas. Here is a summary.

CooktopHood typeMin heightMax height
Electric cooktopClassic wall hood65 cm75 cm
Gas hobClassic wall hood70 cm75 cm
Electric cooktopInclined wall hood35 cm50 cm
Gas hobInclined wall hood40 cm50 cm

For hoods that are not wall-mounted the distance between the hob and the support is between 65 cm and 75 cm. For gas the ideal distance is 70 cm. For electric, glass-ceramic or induction hobs, the ideal distance is 65 cm.

To know. Before defining the right height for your kitchen hoodIf you have doubts, help yourself with professional advice.

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