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My wooden frame house was pre-built in the workshop, then delivered on my land before being placed on a basement. The ground floor joist consists of bastaings 16 cm high and spaced every 30 cm. I want to make a tile on the entire surface of this ground floor. Before that I would have to isolate the joist, then make a screed on which would then be glued tiling finished floor. Which layers and materials do you recommend between the basement slab and the interior floor tile?

The description suggests that currently, the floor that separates the ground floor of the cellar is only composed of a joisting.
A simple solution is to work in "dry chain"
1) Screw on the joist wood-cement panels equipped with grooves / tongues and 23 mm thick (Eternit Duripanel, for example). The tiles can then be glued directly onto these panels, taking care to use a glue and tiling remaining flexible joints, specifically formulated for wood supports.
2) Isolate using a fibrous insulation (for the acoustic qualities) the voids located between the joists (type glass wool, rock or wood)
3) This underside can be left exposed, or hidden by plasterboard directly screwed into the joist.

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