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I want to equip my house with a water softener, but there are other processes on the market that do you think of the PTH ANTICALCAIRE module knowing that my water at a TH DE 32 Thank you for your answer Sincerely

Softeners have a cost and maintenance constraints, but they have proven scientifically and technically (certified by CSTB) their effectiveness. This is not the case of the many alternatives, generally much less expensive, but whose afficability is not proven. The one of which you speak claims that "electric and hydrodynamic forces separate the molecules and prevent them from precipitating thus inhibits the fixing of the limestone but also other minerals (silica, alumina)". Assuming this works, it is not a water softener, in that it does not eliminate the limestone, but would keep it "suspended" in the water to prevent it from settling on sensitive parts or inside the pipes and appliances. Everyone to make an opinion...

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