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Built at a distance from the facade, the attic apartment is located at the top of a building and sometimes in a lower floor. Characterized by its large terrace, it often offers its owner a beautiful panorama especially if it is without vis-à-vis. With its access to a vast private exterior sometimes consisting of a garden, the penthouse apartment is an extraordinary habitat that is reminiscent of an individual dwelling. The penthouse is for these reasons a very sought-after architectural element!

What is an attic apartment?

What is an attic apartment?

What are the peculiarities of an attic apartment?

Located at top floor of a building or in an intermediate floor, the attic apartment is characterized by its configuration resolutely turned towards the outside. Thus, the terrace of an attic apartment is the key element of this original accommodation which thus takes on the air of little perched house. The terrace is also sometimes as extensive as the apartment itself, which is also known as the penthouse or penthouse. This outdoor space becomes an extra room for your apartment.

You can install a summer lounge under a shade sail, a vegetable patch to test your gardening skills, a barbecue area if your trustee allows you and even a swing for your children!

Another asset of this singular accommodation is probably that it is most of the time located on the top floor. It benefits from its advantages including a bright housing with unobstructed views, a quieter apartment, no neighbors above, more preserved traffic noise and less accessible to burglaries as could be apartments in the ground floor. floor. Finally, and icing on the cake, an attic apartment is also likely to be not overlooked.

Its location away from other apartments and its private access to an exterior make the penthouse apartment an attractive alternative to individual housing and is now more frequently new real estate programs.

What price for an attic apartment

The penthouse apartment is more rare than a classic apartment, and for good reason, there can be only one or two penthouse apartments in the same building. And who says rare... says more expensive! Thus, for an equivalent apartment surface and location, the penthouse will cost approximately 30% more expensive.

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