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A decree recently specified the conditions for obtaining the buildability bonus: this bonus was set up to encourage the construction of environmentally-friendly housing, namely homes that consume less energy and have less impact on the environment..

What is the buildability bonus?

What is the buildability bonus?

Constructibility bonus encourages environmentally friendly constructions

The law on the energy transition and green growth of August 17, 2015 is intended to encourage building owners to build energy and environmental exemplary buildings, granting a buildability bonus for buildings the more respectful of the environment.

Thus, this bonus consists of a surface overrun authorization granted derogatory to certain building permits. This exceedance of constructability may be up to 30% and may be granted to new constructions, namely new homes or extensions with positive energy or at least exemplary energy or environmental. This right to exceed the surface must therefore offset the extra cost of the exemplary effort necessary to obtain the bonus.

Note that the buildability bonus actually sets future building standards that will replace the RT2012 standards still in effect today. Thus, all future buildings will be made to be less energy intensive and have less impact on the environment.

Eligibility criteria for the buildability bonus

The conditions of access to the buildability bonus were specified by a decree published on October 21, 2016, which indicates that for the bonus to be granted, the housing must be either positive energy or meet criteria of exemplarity. energy and / or environmental:

  • The exemplary energy is defined by a building that has a power consumption that is at least 20% lower than the energy consumption required under RT2012;
  • Environmental exemplarity is defined by a building that meets a threshold of CO² emissions over its life cycle, and that meets two out of three performance criteria relating to the amount of waste from the built site, improving the quality of the air interior by the choice of low VOC emitting materials, as well as the installation of an efficient ventilation system or the use of biobased materials.

Finally, note that a dwelling is considered to be positive energy in that it has an energy balance below a certain threshold.

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