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Before you start buying a kitchen, it is essential to set a budget, depending on the amount you want to spend and / or a credit to contract. This implies to pose the problem well. Focus on the substantive issues and those details that make the difference in price.

What budget for my kitchen?

What budget for my kitchen?

The budget of a kitchen and the questions of common sense

First, measure your space and ask yourself if you want to optimize every nook or let it breathe. The dimensions of your kitchen are crucial data for estimating the kitchen budget.
Other point, the life of your installation. Rather 5 or rather 15 years? This results in the degree of quality of the materials used and therefore the price.

Installation mode is also an important criterion in calculating a budget. If you're handyman, you can opt for a kitchen to assemble yourself. This means a 30% savings compared to the price of a mounted kitchen. But you must also consider preliminary work even if you master plumbing and electricity.

If you use a professional to install your kitchen, you must integrate this item to your budget from the start. Without speaking tailor-madeinventive and rigorously personalized, classified high-end. Advantage, if you go through a craftsman or a cook for the development of sustainable equipment, you benefit from a VAT rate reduced to 5.5%. Provided, however, that your home is more than 2 years old.

Posts that increase a kitchen budget

Knowing that the pose by professionals represents between 5 to 10% of the budget and related works between 15 à 20%, the biggest part of the budget is devoted to furniture between 45 and 55%. As for household appliances whose VAT rate is still charged at 19, 5%, 25 to 30% of the total budget, are dedicated to it.

The items that increase prices in furniture are the facade elements of furniture. Here is the cheapest to the most expensive, the ranking of the main materials: melamine, laminate, lacquer, stainless steel, veneer, solid wood. Namely: between melamine and solid wood, the price varies from single to double.
Interior fittings: turntables, turnstiles, drawers, sliding doors quickly raise the overall price of each piece of furniture high, low or angle.

The worktop and the credence also represent a separate budget, depending on the materials used. In order of increasing price are: resin, stainless steel, ceramics, synthetic stone, natural stone, glass and polished concrete. As for home appliances, prices are flying, as it comes to high-end including design: American refrigerator, telescopic hood, oven embedded in an island.