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Renovating all insulation is essential in the case of old buildings to limit heat loss, to consume less energy and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. However, it may seem scary because it is a big project that requires a big budget. Fortunately, solutions exist to help you complete your project.

Price and insulation: the different parts of the house

Isolating different parts of your house does not require the same budget depending on the difficulty of the operation and the price of insulation.
To set up the attic is an essential step because it is there that escapes a big part of the heat. To isolate lost attics, count between 12 and 14 euros per square meter and if it is habitable attics, between 40 and 50 euros per square meter.
It is also very important to insulate the floor of your house. Count between 12 and 30 euros per square meter to protect your floor.

Side window, double glazing is necessary to maintain a comfortable warmth. For double glazing alone, the price is 150 euros / m². Count a little more than double to install a double glazed window. For insulating walls from the inside, count between 20 and 40 euros / m² and between 50 and 75 euros / m² from the outside.

Eco-friendly insulation

At a time of environmental awareness, ecological insulation is a great success. More respectful of the planet, however, they have a higher price than the classic glass wool. The price of cork is between 10 and 30 euros / m². For wood fiber, count between 6 and 20 euros / m2 and between 25 and 30 euros / m2 for coconut fiber. Flax fiber and hemp wool are a little more economical with their 15 euros per square meter. For cellulose wadding, count 20 euros per square meter.

Helps to renovate the insulation of a house

If the idea of ​​renovating the insulation of your home scares you from an economic point of view, know that there are solutions for reduce the amount of work. In the context of improving the energy performance of housing, the State decided to take measures and launched aids such as the tax credit or eco-loan at zero rates. You can also benefit from a VAT at a reduced rate 5.5% by using a professional for the purchase and installation of insulation. The National Agency for the Improvement of the Habitat (ANAH) also proposes subsidies to help you finance the works. Ask a building professional for more information and procedures.

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