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My tiled living room dining room was laid by a professional tiler friend. We redo the screed (scraped and fiber). It turns out after four years the appearance of cracks on the surface of the tiles. The tiles are in porcelain (bought at Lapeyre). I wish to replace damaged tiles and would have liked to have advice (do I have to do a reaction, she sticks to use...).

Two causes, can be at the origin of these cracks:
- bad installation of the tiles (not respecting a sufficient space of dilattaion around the periphery of room);
- a badly done slab problem.
In the first case, you have to replace the tile by putting it correctly...
In the second case, the slab may lack stability. The reasons can be multiple: bad calculation of the floor in the case of a crawl space, land full poorly realized and heterogeneous, too many networks passed at the same place in the slab (underfloor heating, networks of hot and cold water, electrical networks...)
As long as these design defects are not solved, the implementation of a patch will solve nothing.
If cracks are minimal, the use of a flexible glue, originally intended for laying tiles on wood floors, can help the tile to withstand any limited movement of the screed.

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