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Christmas emblem among all, the tree has many colors and ornaments with multiple tones, over the years. English, in red and gold green, in red and white, rather purist while transparent, natural or sophisticated in black and gold... Which colors to choose for your Christmas tree?

What colors for the Christmas tree?

What colors for the Christmas tree?

The right color combinations for a Christmas tree

The English Christmas tree is since Queen Victoria a safe bet. Almost irreversible, it comes in green, red and gold. A great classic that makes sense, when you like the cozy atmosphere, comfortably wedged in club chairs, by a month of December that the fog floats.

In red and whiteChristmas trees take on the colors of Scandinavia. Red balls, white ribbons or the reverse, mythical elks, little trolls made of natural wood, graceful elves take the reins of Santa's sled that slips noiselessly on the Milky Way to deliver cats, small and large in time.

Depending on your desires and your interior, you can also bet on black and gold for a glamorous effect, without question. Many decorations and Christmas accessories are available in these tones. And you are free to create them yourself, with a few ideas and some well-chosen supplies.

Free interpretations

If you prefer that your Christmas tree plays a well-calculated discretion, bet on transparency. It will be all the more visible. Glass balls, figurines in plexiglass or crystal, you are spoiled for choice... Let the light get trapped and restore the thousand colors of the rainbow. Put in yours and think of having mirrors, candlesticks and fixtures for a bright and subtle abyme setting.

Whatevert the color palette remember, the current Christmas decor is inspired more and more natural elements. The tendency being recovery and self made. You can bet on a total white look easy to achieve with a synthetic snow bomb or cotton balls, a bit more ecological. White LEDs and small natural wood subjects will give the last touch.

And if you want to think outside the box, there is nothing to stop you from choosing acidic tones in a pop spirit revisited. At least to prefer the black and white ska tendency. And if you like the baroque style and its sense of redundancy, adopt for your Christmas tree, a total golden look.

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