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I would like to make a coating with lime on my facade. This one is covered with a cement coating, but especially with an exterior paint... I have doubts when the ability to hang lime on this paint... What solutions do I have other than to drop the cement coating existing? Sandblasting? Product type Syka? Other? Thank you

A lime plaster must be applied on a mineral support: stone, brick, cement coating unpainted or covered with a mineral paint, a whitewash, a lime paint...
If the paint in place is organic (the most common case): pliolite paint, acrylic, siloxane... the lime plaster will not form with the support. There are indeed "bridges of adhesion", to allow the correct attachment of a mineral product on an organic support, but the risk of later problems is real, especially with a coating which represents a greater load, compared to a simple painting.
If the old paint is organic, only sandblasting, chemical etching, mechanical or burn, will find a support really compatible with a lime plaster.

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