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Exterior shutters

Very popular in the Mediterranean regions before the development of shutters, the shutters retain many followers who appreciate their elegance and the simplicity of their handling. Articulated vertical blades, they can modulate the opening left to light.

Exterior louvers

The shutters are closed inside the entablature (thickness of the wall), without giving the wind, and remain compatible with a balcony gate, like the shutters. But, unlike the latter, the shutters do not obscure any part of the window when they are open.

These wooden shutters let the light filter while blocking the sun's rays and thus reducing the transmission of heat.

Exterior wooden shutters

The Constitution
The formation of a shutter changes very little according to the material in which it is built:

  • leaves" are the small leaves that fold over each other in accordion, four to twelve in the current fabrications.
  • the traditional form is characterized by loose sheets, made of rigid material (wood or steel sheet);
  • the sliding form comprises an upper rail and a lower rail in which guides attached to each sheet slide;
  • the projection shutter (very popular in countries with strong sunlight) has a tilting frame articulated on its upper edge and held in open position by a compass on each side; the leaves are necessarily of the sliding type.

Projection louvers make it easy to ventilate rooms while protecting them from the sun's rays.

Projection shutters "à l'italienne"

The closure
The closure differs depending on the form and level of security sought, so the floor where the shutter is installed:
a flat Spanishette blocks the leaves in groups of four in the traditional form louvers. The central espagnolette can be equipped with a lock.

  • a cremone with a snapdragon ensures a security closure for the louvers of ground floor or balcony closing a large bay (French window);
  • a bar transversal security, possibly equipped with a padlock, makes it possible to reinforce safety, especially on sheet steel shutters.

After pickling and removing any rust, the metal louvers will be treated with an anti-rust paint and repainted with a metal paint.

Repainting the shutters

The interview
The maintenance of the shutters is important, because of the multiplicity of the joints exposed to bad weather:

  • oil twice a year the hinges of the leaves.
  • treat early corrosion of the metal louvers with an inhibitor or rust suppressant product and repaint them regularly.
  • replace the hinges twisted, partially ripped off, or even very rusty.
  • sand and treat the wooden elements with an impregnating agent, then refinish or repaint them;

Interior louvers

Their aesthetic qualities and the limited space they occupy when folding allow to install the shutters inside the windows. This solution is interesting for private window shutters, especially following an isolation operation by laying a double window. Unlike those placed outdoors, the indoor louvers are not exposed to the weather, and can therefore be delicately decorated.

Blinds shutters
The shutters with blades, very popular in the eastern countries, have rather wide leaves equipped with horizontal blades.
In high rooms, these louvers are usually cut into a high and a low part, in a ratio of about 1 / 4-3 / 4.
To adjust the brightness, the blades can rotate sheet by sheet. The angle is adjusted by means of a ring screwed in the middle of their back face, and connected to a cable or a rod which rotates all the blades of a sheet at the same time.

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