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I have a stone house! Between the stones and the plasterboard, there is no insulation. I am being asked to put expanded polystyrene beads with binder. There is a total of 260m2 walls to do. A company made me a quote for 32000 euros... Is this the price? Do not you know a cheaper company and do you think it will be effective. Today we have a big heat loss in the house. thank you for your reply

You do not specify the space available between the back of your plasterboard and the wall... It is therefore difficult to decide on the effectiveness of an injection of insulation in this building vacuum. As a rule, the effectiveness of this type of insulation. The best will be to deposit the plasterboard and proceed to a conventional thermo-acoustic insulation.
The cost of 123 euros per square meter that you mention, justifies everything to deposit and implement an insulating doubling on metal frame. It will probably be much cheaper, with the assurance of an optimal level of regular insulation.
If the interior decoration is in good condition and deserves to be preserved, the injection of insulation into the building veneer is indeed the only possible solution, although expensive, and for results that can be irregular from one area to another. 'other. Its cost can not be at the level you mention!
Finally, the stone houses are often old, with thick walls that promote inertia. Before thinking about insulating the walls, it is important to take care of the insulation of the roof, and to replace the doors and windows, if they are too old.

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