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To carry out your work in the best conditions, you plan to have a soil study done. The soil survey is usually a small part of the overall construction budget and is very useful for the rest of the project.

What is the point of investing in a soil study?

The study of soil is not obligatory on all the building grounds, but it is strongly recommended. The soil study allows to predict the good foundations as well as an adequate pavement. For this, one must know the geological characteristics of your soil (humidity, stability, composition of the different layers, etc.).

This study makes it possible to know if the initial construction project can be carried out as it is, or if reinforcements are needed at the foundation level. Clean and rigorous work right from the start can save you a lot of damage in your home or expensive repairs years later.

Soil study: what are the criteria for the price?

The price of a soil study varies on average between € 1,000 and 2,000€. In general, you have to spend less 1% of your overall construction budget. The price can change according to many criteria:

  • The area of ​​the land to analyze plays into the cost of a soil survey, because a large piece of land requires more action.
  • In terms of the location of your land, the cost of the soil study can be more or less high. Indeed, your field can be complex to analyze or on the contrary simpler, which has an impact on the price.
  • If there is no poll to be taken, the cost of the soil study will be minimal.
  • If you are in a situation where different polls and measurements are planned, as in the case of a bare-ground construction project, you can expect a cost that is within the average price recorded.
  • The most expensive soil studies are those that require deep surveys and numerous measures, such as quarry research or dissolution of gypsum, a mineral that causes subsidence and collapse of the soil.

When making your different quote requests do not look for the lowest cost at all costs, but instead choose a ground survey that guarantees the best security at a balanced price.

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