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The semi-level house plays with heights and volumes and adapts to all styles. With sloping roofs or terrace roofs, it is the advantage of sloping grounds. Available in many models, what are its characteristics and main configurations?

What is a semi-level house?

What is a semi-level house?

The house 1/2 level, features

The house 1/2 level is the combination of a single-storey house and a two-storey house. It is a good compromise between living space and volume occupancy, for an affordable cost. It is suitable for all types of terrain, sloping or hilly.

It harmoniously combines space and brightness. Its concept is based on the separation of daytime space and night space. Depending on your priorities, its small flights of up to 2 times 7 steps, allow a smooth flow between the family sphere, that of recreation and / or a professional space or reception.

In one traditional style with steep roofs, the typical configuration allows to implement a living room, an open kitchen completed by a storeroom and a toilet on the ground floor. The half floor is then devoted to bedrooms and bathrooms. The floor, when there is one, often houses convertible attic, game room, office...

Classic configuration with garage

Respecting always, separation day / night space of the house on 1/2 level, it is very common that the outbuildings are located below the night part thus giving them a beautiful surface in the garage, laundry room etc. In this configuration the living room, kitchen... part is half-floor, as a landing halfway up, starting from the stairs leading from the garage to the bedrooms.

If the function of the half-level house is to optimize the living space, in accordance with the slope of the terrain, it must be known that it requires a larger floor area than a single storey house.

To know:

  • Half-level construction part of the rectangle in general. But it is possible to create a 45° angle or a cutaway.
  • The 1/2 level construction imposes, between the different openings of the house, a difference in height of at least 1.20 m: the equivalent of 7 steps. If your land is flat but you are seduced by the architects' houses with terrace roofs and asymmetrical volumes, you must carry out an earthworks to make up this difference in level.

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